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I love the sport of pickleball!!  I am Ambassador of pickleball in Ithaca, NY and surrounding areas. As Ambassador, I am committed to demonstrating and playing the game while welcoming enthusiasts and potential enthusiasts to the sport. 


I was introduced to pickleball about 11 years ago in Florida and have been hooked ever since.  I love pickleball because it is a great sport to play and because it embraces all individuals regardless of age and skill levels. 

As I seek to encourage enthusiasts for pickleball in the Finger Lakes Region and beyond, I will use this venue as a resource to keep all members of the pickleball family current with all things pickleball.

I became passionate about not only playing pickleball, but becoming a student of the game. I welcome the awesome task to teach all who want to learn to play pickleball and for all who don’t know they want to learn the sport! Teaching pickleball is a privilege and an honor that I take seriously. I play and teach with the message that the best is within all of us.   


Petunia Pickle Ithaca New York Pickleball Coach

My new pickleball partner! Cornell University 2017

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about the sport and with places to play in the area.  

ABOUT Pickleball 
Passion! Courage! Determination!

Please call or email me with your questions about pickleball. If you would like to purchase paddles and balls, or book pickleball instruction, please indicate your availability for instruction and a specific time frame that I might respond to your request

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Ithaca, New York

(607) 319 - 4669

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